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This book presents five traditional tales translated into French, illustrated in black and white, with appendices to give a better understanding of their context and traditions.

appendices to help understand the context and traditions.


This is one of the oldest Japanese tales, the exact date of publication of which is unknown.

There are several versions, depending on the region. The author has chosen one of the best-known and most romantic versions.

romantic versions. In Japan, it has long been forbidden to hunt cranes, as they are considered sacred birds.

considered a sacred bird: the symbol of peace, longevity and the eternal couple.


In this tale, the Buddhist master writes 'Hannya shingyo' on Hôïtchi's body to protect him. But

will this be enough?


The mountain "KATCHI-KATCHI" is one of the most popular tales in Japan. Because of its intelligence, the

the Japanese believed that Tanuki, like Kitsuné (the fox), could trick humans into transforming themselves into

man or woman.


Yamamba is an old woman who lives in the mountains. She is a heroine in Japanese

tales, especially in the northern regions.


There's an expression in Japanese: like Urashima. It means that someone is unable to follow

as if they were absent from the world. The Japanese are very fond of this story and you can find clichéd

clichéd versions of it in manga, for example the brilliant turtle in Dragon Ball.

Yoshimi Katahira

Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1974, Yoshimi has been passionate about drawing since childhood.

Working as a mangaka's assistant from the age of 19, she soon turned professional, becoming a manga author and illustrator two years later for Japanese magazines.

In 2007, she moved to France to learn the language and take literature classes.

After a few years, Yoshimi resumed her manga-related activities, giving drawing lessons to children. Particularly attached to the Japanese stories of her childhood, in 2012 she decided to devote an exhibition project to them, which nine years later became her first book, Ohanashi, published by Akinomé.


  • Yoshimi Katahira

    Yoshimi Katahira (author)

    Née à Tokyo au Japon en 1974, Yoshimi est passionnée par le dessin depuis son enfance.

    Assistante de mangaka dès l’âge de 19 ans, elle ne tarde pas à se professionnaliser et devient autrice et illustratrice de mangas deux ans plus tard pour des revues et des magazines japonais.

    En 2007, elle vient s’installer en France pour y apprendre la langue et prendre des cours de littérature.

    C’est après quelques années que Yoshimi reprend ses activités autour du manga, en donnant des cours de dessin à des enfants. Particulièrement attachée aux contes japonais de son enfance, elle décide en 2012 d’y consacrer un projet d’exposition qui, neuf ans plus tard, devient son premier livre, Ohanashi, publié aux éditions Akinomé.

Author(s): Yoshimi Katahira

Infos techniques

Publisher: Éditions Akinomé

Author(s): Yoshimi Katahira

Collection: Akinomé jeunesse

Published: 18 february 2022

Edition: 1st edition

Interior: Black & white

Media: Book

Language(s): French, Japanese

EAN13 Book: 9791096405442

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