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This picture book features 23 ink drawings by Morgane Boullier. This young artist spent several years in Japan studying with a Japanese sumi-e master. Her black and coloured ink paintings are pure and mischievous. The words chosen describe a Japan that is both secular and modern, close to nature. Each word is also written in Japanese calligraphy (and translated into French where necessary). The grace and poetry of this carefully produced book will take children and their parents into a dream world of cherry blossom trees, brightly coloured kimonos and the 4 seasons. A picture book that allows children and adults alike to discover Japan's heritage through key words, this album takes you on a journey to Japan.


  • Morgane Boullier

    Morgane Boullier (Illustrated by)

    Morgane Boullier is an artist-illustrator from Brittany living in Tōkyō, Japan. In early 2016, after a few years in the cartoon industry, she left Paris for Tōkyō, then Tōkyō for Montreal, before settling back in Japan. She recently flew to the United States and plans to return to live in France in 2023.

    In addition to her work as a freelance artist, she studies sumi-e (traditional Japanese painting and Zen practice) with two sensei, Japanese masters.

    A keen explorer, traveller and poet, her work is inspired by the pretty little things in everyday life, nature, the seasons, and of course... Japan.

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Publisher: Éditions Akinomé

Collection: Akinomé jeunesse

Pages count Book: 48

Published: 21 april 2023

Edition: 1st edition

Interior: Colour

Media: Book

Language(s): French, Japanese

EAN13 Book: 9791096405770

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