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The chronicle of a journey to discover Sicilian cuisine, revisited recipes from yesteryear and some wonderful encounters.

The author tells us about her intimate and sentimental relationship with Sicily, where she has lived for several years. She also pays tribute to the islanders who dedicate their lives to the good and the beautiful. There are also portraits of local women producers.

Each of the 60 recipes is accompanied by advice, as in the case of Poudre d'or:

"This powder is ideal for adding a lemony flavour to dishes even when fresh lemon is not available. It can also be used to flavour sauces and sprinkled over yeast dough".

Amélie Panigai revisits the recipes of yesteryear in a gourmet Mediterranean. Amélie Panigai is committed to a healthy, organic diet that respects the living world. Here, she celebrates delicious local produce.

Her botanical knowledge enables her to combine spices, oils and herbs found along the way. She shares her secrets with us after harvesting solives, almonds and pistachios. She has also foraged for wild plants and meditated under century-old carob trees.

Italy :

Is her favourite land and the cuisine of her Venetian grandmother has undoubtedly educated her taste buds. She dropped anchor in Sicily in 2018 to devote herself to organising an international festival of garden festival. Immersed in the land of lemons, in this unique, vibrant and colourful island, she discovered a world of abundant plant life. She also got to taste a generous and mixed Mediterranean cuisine.


Is a form of scattering and explosion, a spontaneous baroque that combines with vibrant natural and cultural elements: an overwhelming sun, stormy rains, volcanic eruptions, fireworks that backfire; Or abundant harvests, ethnic mixtures, gestures and words to prepare dishes....

Like these recipes: Creamy avocado and almond purée; Cream of pumpkin soup with hazelnuts from Etna; Linguine with clams and almond milk…


  • Amélie Panigai

    Amélie Panigai (author)

    Amélie est passionnée de nature et d’Italie ! La cuisine de sa grand-mère vénitienne a indubitablement éduqué ses papilles. Elle jète l’ancre en Sicile en 2018 pour se consacrer à l’organisation d’un festival international dejardins. Dans cette terre insulaire vibrante et colorée, elle découvre non seulement un monde végétal foisonnant, mais aussi une cuisine méditerranéenne généreuse et métissée. Pour elle, la Sicile est une forme d’explosion, un baroque spontané qui s’accorde à des éléments naturels et culturels vibrants : un soleil écrasant, des pluies orageuses, des éruptions volcaniques, des feux d’artifices qui pétaradent, des récoltes abondantes, des mélanges ethniques, des gestes et des mots pour préparer les mets… Dans ses recettes, on retrouve : une purée onctueuse avocat-amandes, un velouté de courge et noisettes de l’Etna ou encore des linguine aux palourdes et lait d’amande !

Author(s): Amélie Panigai

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Publisher: Éditions Akinomé

Author(s): Amélie Panigai

Collection: Cuisine & moi

Pages count Book: 144

Published: 18 march 2022

Interior: Black & white

Media: Book

Weight (in grammes): 699

Language(s): French

EAN13 Book: 9791096405466

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